Possible Slogans

I’m having a logo and business cards designed as we speak, and it’s making me think about my identity as a business, and as a woman. I like my current slogan (“Editing for everyone”), but can I do better? Here are some of the options I’ve been kicking around. Let me know which one is your fave!

“I will pull out redundancy’s still-beating heart and feast upon it.”

“Putting the ‘u’ in your creative endeavours! Or taking it out, if your house style prefers American spelling!”

“Dictée Champion, William Reid Elementary School, 1993”

“Skills Like Forest Hill, Prices Like Parkdale”

“Patiently explaining why the word ‘hence’ is almost always unnecessary since 2011”

“I can turn your Tristram Shandy into The Old Man and the Sea.”

“Rarely Edits Drunk”

“Urging Parliament to make dictionary/human marriage legal”

“I read Twilight before it got huge.” (This one is actually true. But a selling point? Debatable.)


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