Some Random News

Here is some stuff that has been going on in my life!

Last week I finished my second semester of the corporate communications program at Humber. I was in class four nights a week. Needless to say, my free time has increased by about 400 percent. Send me work!

I wrote a blog post for The Editing Company about how much I hate the construction of “he or she” as a supposedly “gender-neutral” pronoun option. This is because a) it’s not actually gender-neutral and b) it’s awkward and sounds bad. Unfortunately, since writing that post I lost marks on a communications assignment for using the singular “they.” I guess the world still has some catching up to do. But it will. And then. Oh, and then.

In other blog news, Ann Eyerman, whose memoir I copy edited earlier this year for The Editing Company, calls me “stupendous” in a recent post. She also makes me sound somewhat demanding and draconian, which I pretty much am so I’m ok with it.

I will be guest blogging at The Word on the Street Toronto sometime next week, so watch out for that. In the blog post I reference Game of Thrones, for no real reason at all.

Finally, I have recently become addicted to LifeNPublishing and the 4,598 copycat Tumblrs it has inspired. I spent about five minutes cackling at the gif in this post.

Happy Wednesday!


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