Pro Bono & Barter

Pro Bono

If you are un- or underemployed and seeking work, we will copyedit your resume and up to three cover letters for free.

If you are a non-profit working to advance a social justice, environmental, or animal-welfare-related cause, we will provide up to two hours of editorial work for free.

There’s no catch; you don’t have to recommend us to your friends, mention us on your website, or promise to give us your next paid project (though all those things would be great!). At the risk of sounding like rabble-rousers, we believe that the 99 percent need to stick together, and that we should all use whatever talents we’ve got to help each other. This also allows us to work on projects we might not otherwise see, thereby advancing our skills. Win/win.


We may also work for barter! Does your organization offer courses, fitness classes, networking opportunities, or cool events? Do you have a particular skill you can teach? Can you bake an amazing vegetarian lasagna? Let us know what you’ve got (but let’s keep it G-rated)! Some or all of our editorial fees can be paid in goods or services in lieu of cash. Unfortunately, we can’t work exclusively for barter—our property managers insist we pay the rent in actual money—but if you have something we need and the schedule allows, we are happy to work out an equitable exchange.

Contact us for more information.


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